Sound Bodywork is an integrative practice that promotes balance and harmony on all levels through craniosacral therapy, sound vibration, and alchemical healing.


Acutonics combines acupuncture theory and sound vibration to relieve pain, anxiety, and tension. Acutonics is an effective, gentle approach using sound tools that apply vibration instead of needles on acupuncture points, muscle knots, and areas of pain. It is non-invasive, meditative, and transformative.



Alchemical healing dovetails beautifully with Acutonics. There are no gurus or outer authority; we work together to discover your wellness goals. You learn to listen, to know yourself, for the best possible balance, harmony, and wellness of being.


Sound Bodywork

Sound bodywork combines sound vibration with therapeutic massage and osteopathic techniques for deep relaxation and therapeutic effect. Particularly effective for concussion recovery, chronic pain relief, stress and anxiety managment. Click each image to learn more. Photo credits belong to practitioners in the Acutonics community.


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